Accident in USA?

Have you been injured in the USA?
Are you victim of a traffic accident in the USA?
Have you been injured in the United States due to an accident,
a crime or medical malpractice?

Urban Thier & Federer represents international clients with regards to claiming damages related to traffic accidents, compensation for victims of criminal offenses and medical malpractice claims in the United States. In the US, a client can be represented under a success fee, or contingency fee agreement. This eliminates the risk of legal fees for the client. The firm maintains offices in the USA as well as in Germany and the United Kingdom in order to optimally represent clients from overseas in US cases.

Main areas of activity are :

Accident in the US, victim of a crime in the US, and medical liability cases in the US. Our lawyers have many years of experience in representing German-speaking clients in claims for damages throughout the USA. As lawyers with offices in many US states and in close cooperation with the Munich law firm Urban Thier & Federer Rechtsanwälte, we advise our clients in German and also in Germany with regard to the proceedings in the USA.

"Contingency fee, no win no fee"

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"We are an international law firm."


With our locations in Germany and the USA, we are able to process your needs efficiently and effectively. We are at your disposal for legal advice, support with national and international transactions and other questions as well as, if necessary, for the initiation and defense of legal disputes. Thanks to our numerous locations and lawyers around the world, we can offer you the greatest possible attention to your case and ensure the due diligence of your domestic and foreign legal concerns. Particular attention is paid to German-speaking cases, with both German-speaking lawyers and lawyers licensed in Germany being employed. Contact your nearest location today.

I can only recommend the law firm ...
"The case was concluded to my satisfaction and in retrospect I can say that the forecasts and the financial outlay for the mandate were realistic in advance. I was always very well informed and always felt very good about the law firm Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. represent. Accordingly, I can only recommend the law firm if there is a need for legal representation in the USA."


I found professional help ...
"I found professional help at the law firm Urban Thier & Federer, P.A. Particularly noteworthy is Mr. Thier, who enables German-language advice and gave us a realistic assessment of the situation and the next steps in the first consultation."

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